MRP Sequencer is a software step sequencer conceptually very similar to vintage analogue step sequencers such as the ARP 1601/1603 and Korg SQ10, and recent digitally controlled step sequencers such as the Frostwave Fatcontroller and Colin Fraser's P3.

MRP Sequencer goes a little beyond the feature set of most step sequencers.

  • sequences of up to 64 steps
  • track count limited only by processing power
  • output MIDI port and channel can be set per step
  • select-modify paradigm enables any set of steps to be
  • affected by editing operations
  • extensive randomisation/variation functions
  • graphic user interface
  • text user interface enables full scripting

binary: MRP-1.2.tar.gz
source: MRP-1.2-src.tar.gz
contact: mrpsequencer yahoo group


Jason Proctor
Adam Marks
Graphical Interface

Shell Interface